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Paid Paper created a comprehensive list which contains some of the best companies that offer essay writing services one of them being Edubirdie reviews. This whole process was done to help you know how and where to find the most reliable and efficient companies that can provide you with the best Essay writing services. EduBirdie was rated second best in this list.

So, What Is EduBirdie?

EduBirdie is one of the first online writing company which allows you to post your academic question or problem. It also connects you to tutors who are ready and willing to help you solve the problems.

Not only does this writing service provide quality online training for students all around the world, but it is also reasonably priced. Fair prices for the services offered cater for everyone’s needs. The name EduBirdie gets misspelled many times. There have been names like edubiridi, edubirdy, edubirdi. However, the right name is EduBirdie.com.

Is EduBirdie Safe?

Reviews online show that EduBirdie is safe. The strength of the system lies in the writer-client interaction. Every step of the writing and the tutoring process gets done online. This kind of arrangement builds transparency between the tutor and the student. It also answers the question “is EduBirdie trustworthy?”

Apart from the transparency between the tutors and the students, it also keenly follows the correspondence in the platform. The fact that Birdie supports and follow communication on the platform ensures that every person using the platform is satisfied. For more information concerning the question “is EduBirdie legit?” visit the their official website.

How Does EduBirdie Work?


For a person to start using EduBirdie products, they first need to register then; they can start placing the orders.

Placing an order is an easy process. A detailed guide explaining how a client can make an order is on the left lower corner of the site’s homepage.

The very first step is to sign up for you to get a client account on the website. A customer then fills in an order form, providing details and requirement to the work he/she needs.

After placing the order, the customer’s request gets displayed on the select board. It’s from this point that writers can look through the applications and choose the one he/she wants to write and places a bid for it.

There are times when two writers or more may want to take the same order. In such a case, the client makes the decision. He decides the writer who they are comfortable to work with on the project.

The procedure of choosing a specific writer to work on a project is always the same. The clients can check on the rating of the writer. Feedback from other clients is also a great way to know how a writer works.

Clients are also advised to have direct communication with the writer immediately they have decided on a writer. They can talk about the requirements and other details of the project. When they (writer and client) agree, all the information on the project gets given to the writer. Payments to the writers can be made either in installments or as a whole at the end of the project.

Who Uses Edubirdie?

An excellent essay writing service for:

  • Students, when they need essays and term papers.
  • Business people who need business plans and speeches

EduBirdie.com offers editing, writing, and analytical services for customers of all ages and categories.

It doesn’t matter where you live offers, its services to people in every part of the world. That the facility is available for customers all over the world shows on the feedback section of the website.

Pros and Cons


  • Quality non-plagiarized content.
  • Competent writers.
  • Flexibility in Pricing.
  • Projects completed at the right time.
  • Consideration of a client’s needs.
  • A company with a good reputation.
  • Capacity to handle large orders.


  • As long as you follow the directions offered, then there is no downside to using the service.

EduBirdie.com Online Reputation

Has accounts on almost all social media sites. Having these accounts allows students and other clients to follow and get the latest news about the company efficiently.

The company has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. Useful updates like discounts and bonuses for the clients get announced on social media accounts.

Also has four different official websites for four distinct regions – the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and for the Arab speaking nations.

Clients who have smartphones can download the official App. Clients who want to can download the App from the website. The App gives the same services as those on the official website, and you can still have access to all the facilities.

Paper Quality / Work Quality

Provides a wide range of business and academic writing. Including research papers, term papers, application essays, dissertations, book and movie reviews, speeches, creative writing, capstone projects, critical thinking writing, scholarship essay, and  PowerPoint presentations.

At EduBirdie.com you can order tasks on anthropology, history, linguistics, philosophy, the arts, economics, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, computer sciences, mathematics, architecture, design, and much more.

Whenever you can’t find the discipline you need among all the ones listed, you can then contact the support team for further instructions and recommendations.

Benefits, Peculiarities, and Features

The advantage of the EduBirdie online ordering system is that it allows customers to make all the critical decisions about their projects themselves.

EduBirdie, as a company does not force a client to use a writer, they aren’t comfortable with. The team only makes recommendations and give ideas about writers who can fit into a particular role when the client requests.

However, in general, it is solely up to the owner of the project to decide whether a specific author is qualified enough for the task that they want to complete.

When filling out an order form, the client needs to fill in the subject, then the type of paper they need, the topic, the number of pages, and the day they need it ready. Filling out the last date they want the project is crucial because it guides the writer on how fast they need to finish the project.

After filling out the form, a client is then required to choose a writer for the project. On the platform, you will see standard, premium, and platinum writers. Standard are the writers who are experienced and also verified. Premium is for the writers who have attained bachelors degree, and platinum writers are those with a masters degree and higher.

All writers get rated according to the feedback given by the clients. The most reliable and professional writers with positive feedback get five stars. New writers usually have scores; however, it doesn’t mean they are not good writers. They only need to complete more orders successfully for them to rise higher on the ladder and get a better rating.

Clients also get rated on the platform. Evaluation of the clients gets done by the readiness of the writers to work with a specific client continually.

This arrangement has enabled both the writers and the clients to have a fulfilling experience.

In a case where a client and a writer can’t agree on a project, EduBirdie.com will intervene and help them both find a way out. When a client has doubts on the ability of a writer to handle an assignment, they can ask for the first draft only.

This draft gets reviewed by a professional editor and checked for plagiarism by their plagiarism free.  This process assures the client of how well the project will get completed.

Design and Navigation


Edubirdie.com review

Website has a unique design. This design brings to life part of the name of the company. Which is the – birdie. The homepage shows a beautiful bluebird, donning a small graduation hat.

The Blue bird with a graduation hat is a way that Edubirdie sends the message that if you use the platform, you will definitely finish all your courses and even graduate.

Service is not only intended for students use, but it also helps people in other spheres. Some of the other products available and includes speech writing, presentations, and business plans. These are products mostly used by businessmen.

Writing Essays for business is first becoming an everyday occurrence in many industries. The reason for this is,for any business to thrive,they need Structured and qualitative writing.

Business people know that no one pays attention to their businesses unless they structure and present it in the right way.

It is precisely for this reason that it’s imperative that people in business get professional writing services.

It’s never a problem if you, as a business person, can’t do it on your own. EduBirdie.com walks these journey with entrepreneurs and manufacturers of different levels and industries.thereby, helping them to create a specific writing content and also to gain business writing skills.

The website has simple navigation,which makes it very easy to use. At the right upper part, users find the menu, a login option for registered users and the people who have not registered are given a choice to do so and to place their first order.

In the menu bar, you find top services and the main chapters of the website like the about page, FAQ, Writing, Editing, Support, the blog, and an order button.

All the products are listed to enable users to navigate easily.

Mobile Friendly

Edubirdie provides a stress free environment for working because it allows for the use of mobile phones. You can download and install an app which will allow you to log into the website and make an order more comfortably. This also allows you to be in charge of the whole research because you can check the progress at any time.


Whenever you have a project that needs to get completed within a short time, the team will comfortably do it because they have gotten used to tight deadlines and schedules

Their team provides accurate writing, comprehensive research on topics, qualitative analysis, relevant questions,correct examples, and persuasive arguments for every order. So, if you want to make your first step in writing essays to be more professional, apply to EduBirdie.com to get the understanding of how it is supposed to get done.

Try a unique online platform that makes it easier to master your writing skills for all your academic assignments.

For any additional questions, contact the Support team which works 24 hours every single day of the year.


Among the guarantees is that the services offered are fast, answering the question “is edubirdie reliable?” The academic tasks issued to writers are completed in a professional manner. The company guarantees high quality work where clients are treated with high levels of confidentiality. Before hiring any writer, the company ensures that the individual is trustworthy and has the capacity to deliver the order in good time. You will also have the opportunity to do a follow up on your order because the platform allows you to chat with the writer for further inquiries.


All the writers and members of the team sign an agreement, which binds them to a strict confidentiality policy. Takes excellent care of protecting customers’ personal information; the writers cannot access personal data belonging to the clients.

The only personal information required by the company is the one used when placing an order. However, personal data does not get disposed of or passed to third parties hence clearing the doubt about edubirdie.com is it reliable? Provides strict security measures, which guarantees full protection to the information provided by the clients and to the clients. The company, therefore, promises a high level of security, privacy, and anonymity to every client.

Meet the EduBirdie Writers


Edubirdie writers EduBirdie writers are professional, competent, and reliable writers who specialize in academic writing. Before becoming members of the community, all the writers are checked and carefully screened.

They all know the academic requirements and write their work in relation to these requirements. Moreover, the writers are aware of the importance to complete the tasks on time and always do their best to meet the deadlines.

Does not have good and bad writers. EduBirdie does not accept a paper that lacks professionalism and quality.Works only with those writers who can give advice and explanations to their clients on how to write correctly and what contributes to good content.

The company aims to provide editing, writing,and analytical services, with explanations showing how to write correctly. The writers also understand the importance of using the right structures, tone, and flow when writing.

EduBirdie Types of Services

The company offers a number of services which include article reviews, admission essays, case research, presentation of speech and writing of term papers. Most of the services are designed to suit learners who may have little time to write on their own. The company also writes dissertations on long term basis for students who are pursuing masters or doctorate degrees.

Customer Support




EduBirdie’s customer support center is always ready to give you any assistance you might need at any time of the day. Among the top priorities of the team is to provide communication between the client and the writer. A live chat and a unique fill out form can easily get accessed on the upper right corner of the websites home page.

The support team gladly answers all the questions and provide additional information at any time.  The managers at EduBirdie are friendly and helpful. They always try to answer your questions and help you come up with the best solutions for your problems.

The customer service always gets back within 30-60 seconds of a client placing a request or filing a complaint.

Payment Methods, Pricing, Policies, and Cost Taxes


Edubirdie reviews


Payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and Visa are all accepted.

Having an online payment method is convenient and offers an additional level of security.  The company guarantees affordable prices for every client. The pricing depends on the needs and financial capacity of an individual.

The individual and customized approach guarantee everyone’s safety. The affordable price policy is one of the main advantages of EduBirdie.com as a writing company in the market, and EduBirdie prices review is conducted regularly to take into consideration everyone’s views. The team is always ready to discuss each task separately to provide the best possible services depending on the client’s budget. Offers discounts and bonuses to their loyal clients from time to time.

By working directly with a writer on the EduBirdie.com website, clients get spared the pain of going through affiliates. This arrangement helps the client not to spend more money than they need to pay, thereby significantly reducing their budgets.

A client can always ask for a refund in case they don’t get quality work submitted to them. However, you will notice that most edubirdie.com paper writing reviews show positive remarks about the work.

It is always important to discuss the terms under which money can get refunded if the project doesn’t meet the requirements of a client. This conversation should happen before work commences. The client needs to know, in which situations they get a refund and in which conditions they get free rewriting and revisions.

How Make Orders / Ordering Procedure

Before you make an order, you should first create your own account by registering on the company portal. Next, you wil be provided with an order form where you fill in the details of your order. The job will be listed on the job board for interested writers to make bids. You should be careful to select a good writer by checking the client reviews and star ratings. After selecting the writer, you will be billed then the writer proceeds to write your paper.

Why Choose EduBirdie

Has a large team of competent and professional writers who have proven their professionalism continuously by writing excellent plagiarism-free content and submitting them on time.

The service provides a high level of confidentiality and protects its customers from being exposed by their professors. Guarantees that you will get flawless and high-quality work.

Testimonials at EduBirdie

Feedback about the writers and services can be found on the menu in the About Us section. Here, customers from all over the world leave feedback and recommendations concerning the writers, editors, and the service offered by EduBirdie.com. This list gives an insight on accessible services and also those that are not very popular.

Request for Revision

Once a client chooses a particular writer, they proceed to discuss the academic requirements and the other essential details of the assignment. It is vital for a writer to understand what a customer wants by providing all the details.

In the cases where some significant changes or reviews need to get done on the content, then the client can request for a revision. Payment is only given to the writer when the client is satisfied with the quality of the work submitted and complete EduBirdie paper reviews get conducted.

If in any case the customer is not happy or has questions in regards to the quality of the writing, they can also contact the EduBirdie.com Support team to request improvements and revisions.

EduBirdie writers will study the issues you have with the final copy and provide the support needed to turn the writing into one that leaves you satisfied.

Encourages all clients to contact the support team in case of any misunderstandings between a client and the author occurs. The company is open to critics, improvement, development, and essential discussions, which shows that Edubirdie scam is not a correct assumption.

EduBirdie Plagiarism Checker


Plagiarism Edubirdie Keenly looks at the quality of completed assignments – they must be perfect and authentic. EduBirdie Customers can be confident that all tasks undergo plagiarism check when completed.

The writers know that Edubirdie plagiarism is not acceptable. Those who violate this rule automatically get excluded from the group of professional writers. The company values its clients and have put checks in place on the issue of plagiarism.  Essay papers and all the orders get checked for plagiarism with the help of specialized software. If the customer has suspicions that the text he/she received contains plagiarism, he/she is free to contact the Customer support team, which will investigate the matter.

Keeping plagiarism out of any content is among the primary missions of the EduBirdie community. Writing with integrity is at the top of the company’s vision. Believes that when writing with integrity, a writer never even has to care about plagiarism. Understands not only in following specific standards and expressing original ideas but also responding to other people’s views and concerns, therefore minimizing a common vice which is edubirdie cheating.

The company guarantees originality and authenticity of every content written by writers at the company. The editors check the final content given to a client. Additionally, it gets run through the EduBirdie’s Plagiarism Checker.

Summary/ Verdict

By enrolling for services, you are certain that you will get the best services that will enable you to succeed in your studies. The company will help you to receive high quality papers that are free from plagiarism and written by highly qualified professionals. You will also enjoy the safety and confidentiality of our services. As you explore our portal, you will be excited by the smooth transitions that are enabled by wonderful designs and navigation properties.