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Dear Participants!

We are glad to announce great news! As far as the number of applicants and registration forms exceeded that one we expected to get, we make a decision to establish the scholarship on a permanent basis. Until the deadlines, that supposed to be taken two times in a year, we will choose the winner in May and October accordingly.


The nearest application deadlines are:

07/10/2017 — Open application status

09/30/2017 — Lock-down application date

10/15/2017 — Announcement of the winner


Scholarship Description

Our main specialization is resume assembling service for a ‘freshman’, junior/senior and professional employee. We offer CV creation and editing, career transition, and individual work targeting services. For example, we can assist you when you desperately need to write my essay for me, we are your best choice on the internet. Understanding of the employer point of view, and how do they choose a certain person for a certain position, gives us the advantage to make your CV noticeable and impressive. It is aimed mostly at yesterday graduates that sometimes are lost in the ocean of opportunities and unavailability to get them as easy as it seems to.

So, we will get you that impulse: from university to the first work position.



While creating a resume, follow-up or motivation letters we usually see what you can personally offer to the employer and present it. The other case is a yesterday graduate employee`s CV. Traditionally, difficulties are connected with high entry requirements and dense concentration of well-educated specialists. It usually supposes at least 1 year of relevant experience and potential development proof from the candidate side.

We assume a personal vision of the student about how they want to present themselves in front of a potential employer.

The winner receives a scholarship in the amount of $1000. He will compete within a paid internship in the Chicago office during 1-3 month.



Application letter consists of:

a personal vision on the following subject: “How do you see a successful enrollment process in the desired job position?” (free format submission);

copy of student enrollment document for the 2016/2017 academic year (in PDF format);

application entry is to be sent before the deadline to [email protected] (accepted formats – 1000 words essay, up to 5 min video (YouTube), presentation). You can see examples of students` vision from the blog here (web).



Meeting the next criteria is a must:

  1. An undergraduate/postgraduate student must be enrolled in a degree with relevant university (check the universities list). If you do not find yours on that list, please, contact [email protected]
  2. PDF scholarship submission
  3. Your application should meet the application deadlines.


Terms and conditions

  1. Workers and their family members are not allowed to participate;
  2. Free entry for students or universities/colleges;
  3. The lockdown date is 09/30/2017 (till 23:59 GMT). Applications sent after this date will not be accepted.
  4. We do not bear liabilities for reasons unrelated to the company. All the materials will not be used without participant permission. Personal information will not be transmitted to third parties.
  5. All entries will be accepted in the English.
  6. All applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  7. Judges will reward only 1 scholarship among all the participants.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate contact [email protected]