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Studybay.com Review There are two types of students: those who are passionate about writing assignments and make it as easy as an apple, and those who are not. The second ones are not excited about them at all, because it is really stressful due to the deadlines pressure. Moreover, they do not like a time-consuming process itself, which takes a lot of effort on the research.All of us know this is really a challenging task, thus we search for different ways to cope with it. A good solution can be a writing help from the paper writing service. There are a plenty of them, though they have a different spectrum of works. Studybay.com reviews the approach of a writing service to offer the customer exactly the best solution for a reasonable price! For those who require an Essay, Term Paper, Thesis, other academic or research papers it is useful to make a studybay.com review so you can be sure about a right choice.A Studybay.com platform is unique as far as it works on behalf of exchange service without any further intermediaries’ involvement. A core value of non-agency service is a price cut down. To make sure it is pure objective, you can compare the price per order page of any other writing paper agency and come up with the studybay.com review which will definitely please you by a good price options.
While making a Studybay.com review note such convincing issues:

Our Score

We are ranked on a 9.2 quality score, based on 89,507 Studybay.com reviews, being one of a leading writing services. Due to the high compliance with paper requirements and professional team who do all of them undoubtedly well, we gained over 79,000 of positive Studybay.com review answers on such popular forums as ReviewCentre, SiteJabber, MmoDM, etc. We do appreciate a positive feedback from our client! Privacy of our customers is a priority for Studybay.com review.


According to the principal of Studybay.com review, assignment cost is greatly minimized due to the absence of intermediaries.

Prices vary from type, and the number of pages to a minimum delivery ‘due to’ date. This factors usually form the final price. Let`s consider the average price per order page for popular writing works:

  • Term paper ($8 per page, within 6 hours);
  • Essay ($ per page, within 4 hours);
  • Dissertation ($5 per page, within 3 weeks);
  • Research paper ($6 per page, within 4 hours)
  • Reflective practice ($7 per page, within 4 hours)
  • Creative Writing ($3 per page, within 4 hours)

It is very convenient to make a simple calculation in the ‘Price Calculator’ button before ordering the paper, so you can exactly get a full description of the ‘offer’ just while making Studybay.com review. That is convenient and non-bothering way, instead of constant asking about the re-calculation of order price if the requirements changed a bit.

How does a payment process look like?

While making a Studybay.com review (in particular, your personal cabinet), you can find a button ‘add funds’ onto your account. All funds you put will be available anytime and secured by Platron/E-Money, so you can easily recall for them in case of return/refund of the order. All return operations on a Studybay.com review are held in the Withdraw section. Therefore, StudyBay guarantees the policy of funds return be completely convincing, so no worries about paying for assignments. Studybay.com reviews a lot of security issues, but stopped on SSL 128 Bit encryption. So we are confident about qualitative protection of your personal data and payment details.

100% of all funds come immediately on your account in the ‘Funds’ assets, and while you made a choice of writer after Studybay.com review, the needed amount is put on a ‘Hold’.

A writer will have his payment only after the assignment is get by student, taking into account the ‘20-day warranty’ when a student can easily recall a paper, ask for rewrite or refund according to the Studybay.com review policy. All these procedures are made with the pre-check in terms of the claim objectivity according all rules. Hence, in case of assignment requirements inconsistency the order will be taken on the Studybay.com review. Only after the warranty period has expired, the writer can collect his payments.

Refund policy presupposes 100% refund of assets in case:

  • writer failed to submit a final assignment till the ‘due to’ date (moreover, he is not allowed to do this in the middle of the working period according to the Studybay.com review);
  • anti-plagiarism program detected the work unacceptable (synonymizing or evident paraphrasing, use of invisible charters);
  • Work is inconsistent with student requirements, not straight to the topic or does not meet the criteria of the academic style (you can do Studybay.com review of them to see minimal requirements).
    Refund policy presupposes 90% refund of assets in case: writer send the final assignment, but rejected to make corrections if they were needed. Means, that after asking for a kind of rewrite writer refuse to do it. Student should specify to Studybay.com review team what part of work he wanted writer to make up was not done.

As far as refund request ends and the decision made after the Studybay.com review gets a positive result, administration must make a money return in 10 days.

Nevertheless, Studybay.com reviews a vast payment options like PayPal, Payoneer, VISA, and MasterCard. Your funds are safe and protected by the Platron/E-Money (mentioned above).

While making Studybay.com review you can notice 2 instalments to pay for your order. Studybay.com review makes it possible in the following order (see the algorithm below or do a Studybay.com review directly on the website).

Algorithm: 60% of payment is done exactly after you hire a writer => writer begins to work => writer can ask a reference or some advice, you can advise something and share your opinion till the deadline => finish line of the order or sending a complete work => you add remaining 40% (plus 10% for the instalment option) => student gets his order ready.

Any additional option is up to you, in case you decided to turn them off just come to your ‘Balance Page’.


It is that exact thing each company should care about. As far you make Studybay.com review you can be sure you get the best piece of work for reasonable price and short time framework. You can find out a proved ‘20-day warranty’ while making Studybay.com review. This period is given to make a relevant Studybay.com review of the work, so no worry if you would like to make a rewrite in case of marks and notes get from your professor. We open to make it better and meet all of them within this period. If you want to know the price for your task from a particular writer, you can place this task on Studybay.com review ‘Auction’. Writer which will be interested in the order completion will give you a Bid, then you are to accept it or not, it is totally up to you. However, you can place a task with fixed price and requirements, then wait for the answer from Studybay.com review writer who is willing to pick it up. That it is simple.

How we measure a quality?

Studybay.com reviews each order on the subject of originality and anti-plagiarism using the special-purpose program. Studybay.com reviews all the instructions given by students as well, so pay attention to details and specific requirements, hence Studybay.com specialists can comply them in the highest level. As we mentioned above in case of errors or inaccuracies, you can resend your order for revision both to the writer directly and the Studybay.com reviews team. Rule of paying refund are described further above (in the ‘Price’ section), therefore if they are met, refund is a must for Studybay.com review service. Though we do everything to make your request fulfilled. It is approved by the fact we have almost no rejections of orders, and revisions very rarely. Be sure that applying on Studybay.com review, you give your task to right and safe service.

For all writers we have a special Studybay.com review concerning acceptance rule. Every writer should have approval for the solid experience in the pointed field as well for the level of academic writing and English competence certificate. Nevertheless, every writer passes our own internal special examinations.


Why Studybay.com review is convinced about the best service? Because once you decided to use a paper help after the studybay.com review you will get your order exactly on that stressful and pushing ‘due to’ date.

Studybay.com reviews thousands of new orders per day. That is why, we know handling every order in time is a huge time management procedure. Studybay.com developed its own system of effective order delivery.

We deliver all types of academic works, nevertheless you can go for Studybay.com review and find out almost all of them.

Academic Style Papers

We offer our customer both a large variety of paper types and academic styles. All of them are presented on the web, so you can easily make a Studybay.com review to find the one you need. Here we will mention the most common and well-known ones.

By citation style

MLA. This style is not as complicated as many people think. It perfectly fits for many essays or researches as far as it brings a concise referencing to the source material. It minimizes the plagiarism and number of cases with intellectual property fraud. It is presented on a 8.5×11-inch size paper (white) with double spacing of rows. A front style and size is usually Times New Roman 12. Margin gap – 1 inch. Note: only 1 spacing after punctuation or period is accepted (as a rule) and tab key with 1.5 inch is used for a first line of the first paragraph. Examples can be seen on official web, though the list on Studybay.com review contains MLA as well.

APA. Being an undergraduate student, you probably experience APA at least once. So, Studybay.com reviews it as the most spread to be requested for writing. Considered as very demanding (because of many details included), APA is more common for writing personal narrative essays, case study or thesis. Standard rules are the following: 4-part paper (title, abstract or a short summary up to 250 words, main body, references), written on 8.5X11-inch size white paper; double spacing between rows; 1 inch gap on both sides margin; front style and size – Times New Roman 12 (but it is not as strict as in MLA, for example). Not only the title page, but all the rest should be headed with a number of page (as a rule in a left right upper corner) and paper name. Note: as this academic style is used not for an essay only, the structure of the paper can differ (for example, it is different for a case study, course paper and thesis). You will need to specify it while making a Studybay.com review.

CSE. Writing methodology that is used for small papers and volume ones (as a part of them) at the same time. The biggest attention is paid to the detailed rules for introductory part, conclusions and methods used, while less attitude to the formatting of the main part. Main part is recommended to comply due to requirements of your supervisor. Studybay.com reviews requirements carefully whether it is CSE with specific description get from student personally. Student should present all of them to the Studybay.com review other way it will be done by our writer in a common mode. Still, such requirements as double spacing, 1 inch margin gap, pages other than the title should contain a header and page number at the top, every chapter begins with a new page followed by the centralised chapter heading.

Turabian. Trubian Method or Chicago Turabian Style is also very common academic style, which foresees a certain formatting and structure with analogy to the previous one. It should contain title, main body, graphs and diagrams, reference list formatting, etc. In our Studybay.com review you can admit it also. It is written the same with a help of Times New Roman 12 font, and 1-inch margin gaps (from all sides). Obligatory parts are title page with an epigraph (it is oftenly used for humanities fields, especially some philological ones), introduction and conclusion. Footnotes or endnotes have a specific formatting (see for the detailed information on our Studybay.com review of academic styles).