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Studymoose.com Review 2019

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Today we’re going to talk about one of the leading writing companies on the market in 2018 – studymoose.com. We’re going to look at the company from different aspects, trying to get a big picture of its annual performance, productive level, and customer orientation. Hopefully, we will be able to reach the final goal of our study moose review, which is to provide an image of what you can expect and what you should prepare for when applying there for any professional writing help. So, let’s look at what exactly studymoose is famous for and what approach it uses to create first-class academic papers. Hopefully, you’ll find our study moose review interesting and informative enough to share with your friends.

Study Moose Review: Professional or Amateur?

To be able to have an objective look at studymoose.com, we have to understand clearly what specific criteria to look for. What kind of requirements should a company conform to in order to be a professional?

As many other study moose reviews, we’ve divided our article into several chapters depending on the features and services the company presents. We’re going to examine everything, from customer orientation to the author’s qualifications. Weve started from the very first thing any user checks when entering the website – design and navigation.

Studymoose.com: Website Design and Navigation

What makes a great website? In our study moose review, we’ve considered the following three factors to be key:

  • Simplicity;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Accessibility.

The first thing we noticed when opening studymoose.com is a very simple, clean, but vigorous design. The company has definitely avoided one of the biggest mistakes many beginner platforms do – putting the icing on the cake. There is no too much or too little information on the landing page. No additional widgets or distractions that keep your attention away or irritate you. Everything is simple but attractive at the same time.

Second, the information is very targeted and relevant which is also a huge advantage. Studymoose concentes around both free and paid services you can order on the website. For example, a paid service of getting a personal writer and a free service of a text check via their online plagiarism checker.

There is also an alphabet search on studymoose.com. You can easily find any information which is interesting to you by the first letter of the article or by topic: history, computer science, culture, business, poetry, etc.

Another crucial feature every company should pay attention to is a social community. Studymoose.com has built a solid social media community, which is implemented through different formats – blogs, social media accounts, and testimonials. This is an advantage not only for the visitors but the company as it grabs your attention,  engages you back, reads your feedback, and improves according to what else you would like to get from the service.

And the cherry on the top is a mobile-friendly interface. This aspect is a significant part of any website review in the 21st century. Do you know that today more people access the Internet via smartphones than a PC? Statistics show that three out of five mobile users leave non-mobile-friendly websites immediately. Having a smartphone compatible platform means that the company cares about customers and provides them with the experience they want. Luckily, studymoose and its ultimate browsing experience fall under this category too.

Generally speaking, studymoose is responsive, optimized and looks very sleek. It perfectly fits the size of every smartphone and users are able to navigate without a problem. But what is really good is that the company sticks to so many more things that are important for a great website than just looking good. At this point of our Studymoose review, we can claim the company is serious about its website and the perception of it by customers.

Services Provided by Studymoose

And now, let’s have a look at the services provided by the company. Based on the options available on the website, we’re going to divide our studymoose.com review into two parts – paid and free services.

Let’s start with the free services you can easily access without spending a dollar. Every customer who visits studymoose.com can reach blog post articles, flashcards, and the online plagiarism essay checker absolutely for free. If it is finals time and you just need some additional information, which can help you prepare a little bit better for the exams, this free option is a great choice. Studymoose.com makes it easier for you to access the information you need. Just open the website, tell what you’re looking for, and get the articles on the blog related to your topic. No other additional efforts are needed. But what is more important – it works.

When it comes to reviewing paid services provided by studymoose, we can distinguish three main categories– writing, editing, and analytical services. The company gives you an option to hire a writer for any of the following academic assignments (anything from high school writing to a PhD dissertation):

  • Essays;
  • Research papers;
  • Term papers;
  • Lab reports;
  • Book/movie reviews;
  • Capstone projects;
  • Articles;
  • Dissertations, etc.

Our study moose review would be incomplete without describing the process of placing an order. So, to place an order you just have to use an online ordering system or to send all details by email. To start your work, studymoose.com asks for some basic information like type of your paper, topic, subject, the number of pages, and the deadlines. To proceed with an order list additional paper instructions in the special field, upload files if you want to, and choose the writer from the list the company provides. To confirm your order, the writers will bid on it. You can easily communicate with any of the writers who are ready to work on your task, discuss the final price and the details of your future collaboration to be sure he/she understands your requirements. That’s all.

Studymoose ensures that every paper is reviewed by a professional assessor as well as scanned for plagiarism. The company claims that any changes and improvements will be made even before you get a sample. But keep in mind that the system requires you to be a registered user to be able to place an order. So, if you don’t want to log into the website, you probably won’t be able to buy a paper.

The next aspect we want to talk about in our study moose review is the quality of the papers. Who are the writers working for stydymoose.com?

Studymoose Writers

In our Studymoose review, we want to pay special attention to the quality of services and the writers who provide services in the company. Are those who work at studymoose professionals? And what does it take to be a professional essay writer?

There are some big dos and don’ts, which can identify whether a writer is a pro or an amateur (accordingly to our Studymoose review):

  • First of all, a professional should always stick to the deadlines;
  • He or she should be respectful to his/her clients. He or she should treat every customer without exception with respect and patience;
  • A real professional doesn’t expect that the client will pay for work that is incomplete or done inappropriately;
  • A pro is open to discussion and is ready to rewrite his or her work if it there are clear reasons for this.

In our Studymoose review, we should take into account that we’re talking about a professional academic writing company, which takes care not only about simple articles and movie reviews, but of high school and college assignments. Thus, all writers without exception should hold a degree in a specific field they work in. It’s very important. They should be familiar with typical student writings. The same way they should put a touch of passion and creativity in every writing they do. No matter whether it is something in biology or math, they should treat any job like it is their own paper. So, what does studymoose.com say about its writers?

On the website you can easily read basic information about any writer who works with Studymoose. Each writer has his/her own brief resume and a list of feedback from students who have worked with them before. You can check which subjects every writer is experienced in, and how many orders he/she has already finished. Real-time customer reviews make it easier to create an image of every author. This option is a huge bonus for you as a customer and for studymoose, the company you’re considering working with. It means that the service doesn’t fear criticism and it is open to constructive dialogue with customers. At the same time, we should notice that not all writers have 100% positive ratings. Some of them have 2 or 3 unfinished papers. It would be great to know exactly why those works weren’t finished. Maybe studymoose.com will take into account this small advice. It would also be great to see some basic information about the degree and the diploma each of the writers in studymoose hold. In many ways, it would help potential customers make a final decision faster. Customers want to be sure writers will be able to write a logical and informed academic paper in a proper way, without failing to submit it in time. Customers want to be sure that studymoose won’t risk their academic grades in any way.

Studymoose support

Customer orientation is very important not only for studymoose.com, but for any other writing company on the market. What does it mean? A company should meet the needs and expectations of any customer who applies for it. Trusted relations between a service and a client is a must for any successful organization. Accordingly for our study moose review, this means being respectful, responsive, and accessible. Does studymoose fall under this category?

To make our studymoose.com review as objective as possible, we’ve decided to try how its customer support team works with customers. So, we’ve checked how fast we can receive an answer to our questions. To tell you the truth, the reaction was almost immediate. The managers of studymoose.com provided us with all needed information asking whether we would like any other additional help to proceed with an order.

Studymoose provides several ways to contact its team. As a customer, you can fill out a special form directly on the website and send your questions and recommendations. Or you can use a phone number mentioned on studymoose.com. Or if you’re a fan of social media websites, you can contact the company via Facebook and Twitter. All links are provided on the website too. Following studymoose.com on social media, you can be the first to know about discounts and bonuses.

So, summarizing studymoose.com customer service, we can say that the company can be considered a customer-focused service. The employees try to understand their clients, delivering all needed information and recommendations.

There is also a physical address of Studymoose on the website, in case you’re interested where it is registered and located.

Studymoose customer service operates 24/7 all year round. So, you can inquire whenever it is convenient for you – 4 a.m. or 11 p.m.

Studymoose.com: Privacy Policy and Payments

Studymoose.com guarantees complete privacy and anonymity for any customer, who has ever applied to the service. The information collected is described in detail directly on the website. For example, studymoose can collect and analyze some general information about your visits to the website, geographical location, and the number of pages viewed. At the same time, the company guarantees that any financial information you provide to pay for the services will be hidden from third parties. Studymoose.com claims that it doesn’t save any data about your credit cards.

Talking about payment methods, our study moose review can’t miss this sensitive information too. When you order studymoose writing services, you can pay via the following payment methods:

  • Mastercard;
  • Visa;
  • American Express;
  • Discover it;
  • Or PayPal.

In our opinion, studymoose has taken into account the most popular cards among students. That’s nice and convenient. Paying via your credit card provides a sort of anonymity. This also means that students who live in other regions of the country, but want to use studymoose.com services, can easily do it.

We agree with many other study moose reviews, which claim that having an online payment as the best payment method for such services definitely guarantees security and privacy. And one more advantage is that those payment methods provided by studymoose.com are suitable not only for those who live in the US, but also for those who would like to order papers while living abroad. All operations – placing an order, choosing a writer, money transferring, and receiving a paper can be fulfilled through the studymoose.com website. Check other study moose reviews and feedback to find out in which countries students who usually buy services are from.

There is one more very important aspect, which we want to have a closer look at in our studymoose.com review – plagiarism. This question is discovered not in all study moose reviews, so we’ve decided to include it in our article.

Studymoose – Plagiarism

We’ve pulled this paragraph separately because of the importance of the topic. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden in all universities, colleges, and schools. At the same time, it is something a lot of writing services face when working on academic papers. So what is plagiarism? When can a paper be considered plagiarised? How is studymoose related to all of these? Does studymoose.com eliminate plagiarism in their orders? Let’s figure everything out.

There are a lot of different definitions of what plagiarism actually is. That’s why there is a lot of misconceptions when it comes to writing an original academic paper. So, before ordering your essay or term paper from studymoose.com, let us explain what you should look for to avoid plagiarism.

Academic plagiarism is taking someone else’s ideas and presenting them as your own. There is no teacher or professor who likes seeing even a sign of plagiarism in a student’s work. Studymoose.com ensures its customers that it works only with original content, providing completely new writings. It claims that the writers and the editors check each work a couple of times to avoid even a sign of plagiarised content. You can also check your own work online on the website absolutely for free. This option is recommended by studymoose even if you don’t order a paper from professionals. Sometimes you might even plagiarize without intending to do so. So, using a checker is a must.

What do we think about plagiarism in our Studymoose review? Looking through the customer reviews and marks clients have placed, we can assume that studymoose.com has a negative attitude towards plagiarism. If you would like to read those comments yourself, just go to the website. Studymoose doesn’t hide this information even from visitors who are not registered on their platform. Plagiarism is a very delicate issue, which should never be neglected in order to get only the best grades for your papers. Definitely, try the Studymoose checker at least to understand how everything works, as it is much easier for technology than a human to scan a huge paper in a minute. With the latest technology, you can do it literally within seconds.

So, let’s summarize our study moose review. What exactly can you get when applying to studymoose.com and which services are available with the company?

Studymoose.com Prices

Studymoose has quite an interesting pricing policy. For example, registration on the website and placing an order are absolutely free. But all orders start with the same price, which is $18 per page. While you’re choosing a writer and defining the deadlines, the final cost can change. Studymoose employees set their prices based on deadlines and the writer’s level of experience. You can see the final price when the order is placed. The following instructions will be provided with the order. So, the sooner you need the work, the higher the price will be. The same way is with authors who work at studymoose.com. The higher the level a writer has, the more costly the work is.


Studymoose seems to be a customer-oriented professional writing company. It has a welcoming website and a responsive customer support team, which is ready to navigate you through the website and to answer any of your questions 24/7.

Who can we recommend studymoose.com to? If you have any problems with essay writing or you’re stuck in the middle of your research paper without knowing what else to write about and which direction to move, you can definitely consider studymoose as a helping hand, which is ready to assist you all year round. The Studymoose support team is really helpful when it comes to navigating you through the website, completing your order or simply helping in choosing the service you need.

In the beginning of our Studymoose review, we’ve had one question to answer. Is studymoose.com professional or amateur? The answer is obvious – this company perfectly knows what it is doing in the market of academic writing. Of course, everyone has his/her own opinion. Hopefully, our article about studymoose will help you make a final decision on whether to apply for professional writing help or to do the assignment yourself. Everything is up to you. If this information is not enough, you can always read other Studymoose reviews online. Or you can apply to the support service provided at Studymoose directly.