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About Us

Welcome to Paidpaper.net! We are a team that is going to take care of your academic achievements and protect you from scammers. Sounds like a very ambitious goal, doesn’t it? Well, we are ready to do everything to help you during these complicated years of studying. So, here is some basic information you should know.

What we do

On Paidpaper.net, we collect and share reviews on different custom writing services. To clarify things: we do not write anything on our own. If you’ve opened this site hoping to order an essay, you wouldn’t be able to do it.

But don’t hurry up and leave. We can help you to choose the best service that can handle this task. We have found and checked a significant number of custom writing services. We already know who is ready to submit a high-quality paper, and who just feeds fables from hand.

How we do it

We review existing writing services and evaluate them according to a list of parameters. For this, Paidpaper.net finds a service and orders a test essay. We do not inform about our secret shopping to get objective results.

We evaluate the final version of the paper according to different parameters, including grammar, level of originality, price, and security. Also, we pay attention to different nuances of a service, like on-time delivery, feedback, etc. We provide in-depth research, which is more than just looking at a website.

Why we do it

All of us were students. We know that some tasks can be difficult or even weird. We remember the stress and pressure. Our mission is to make sure you can have some rest from homework without any worries about it. The reviews we provide will help you avoid some unfortunate mistakes, like letting the wrong people complete your important home tasks.