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About Us

Who we are

First of all, we are the team of people who care. Have you ever been scammed? Have you ever been treated unfair, misled by the advertisement or the information spread by any unscrupulous service provider? We have! More precisely, each of us has been a victim of fraud. And that is why we were determined to warn other people who are about to fall in the same trap and try out best to stop from experiencing the same stress and frustration when we came up with an idea to establish paidpaper.net, an online portal with the sole purpose to facilitate the customer’s experience and make it comfortable and easy for people to opt for responsible writing services.

What we do

Our mission is to prevent bad and unfair experience in online business, specifically online custom writing services. Paidpaper.net provides you with the thorough review of almost every online business that offers you their assistance in doing your homework, completing your own papers and assignments.

We are proud to highlight that we have devised a number of factors that are the backbone of our assessments and grading. Every web site in question is scrutinized and evaluated on all aspects possible to find the weak spots and keep people away from unfair treatment.

Our team reviews and analyzes each and every writing services provider not just by looking at their web site. To offer you the most trustworthy and reliable information, we register as customers and experience everything ourselves before shedding light on the results of our investigations for the benefit of the visitors of Paidpaper.net.

Why we do it

Having fallen in the trap of fraudsters and cheaters, we thought to ourselves: “Enough! Enough of these fakes and phonies spreading throughout the Internet to deceive customers and get easy money!”. So we have dedicated our web site as well as our entire work to try and be a safety cushion for those who look for a way to order papers online.

Our immediate task is to provide the most relevant information and analysis so that you have an upper hand in any situation before engaging in a deal with writing services. We do not want you to be scammed or tricked. We know how it feels to waste your time and get even more problems than you had before. For that reason, we will sensitize you on the most important aspects you need to know before ordering your paper.

How we grade

We have a lot of hands-on experience with many different writing services, so we devised a list of criteria which are significant for our visitors.

Is it easy to place an order?

This aspect evaluates the time and user-friendly interface to understand how much time one needs to sacrifice in a bid to place an order. Is it clear what to do next? How many steps one has to do to finally have an order placed? These and many other questions will be answered in our review.

Paper quality

You never know the actual quality of writing before you get your paper. We believe that the statistics of satisfied customers and general quality of writing is of utmost importance since customers deserve to get what they paid for.

Plagiarism-free service

Another essential factor is originality of writing. We will warn you against using the services that try to earn easy money by copy-pasting information and infringing the copyrights of other people. Besides, such misconduct as plagiarized assignments constitutes the severe breach of academic rules and may result in academic suspension for a client who trusted a service with their homework.


Here goes the value of services. We will clearly explain to you which web sites have transparent policies and which should not be trusted due to the hidden charges, etc. Aside from that, why should you pay more if you can get the same quality of your papers for the lower price. We are here to save your earnings.

Secure payments

However affordable the price is to the customers, they need to be sure that the information they are going to share with the company when making payments. It is of vital importance that no third party gets access and manipulates with the sensitive information you will provide to the company agents.


This factor is also important since every customer needs some guarantees before trusting the essay writing service, especially for the first time when you have no idea whether the company is reliable. We will inform you about the guarantees each web site offers and tell you from our own experience if they are true.

Bonus offers and promotions

Paidpaper.net offers this information to our price-sensitive visitors so that they can save some money capitalizing on the bonuses and offers that are usually provided by custom writing services.


If you think that staff is worth analyzing, you might be wrong. The quality of paper depends on the education, writing experience, the ability to express one’s thoughts and lay them down on the paper, proficiency in the subject matter among other. It is clearly imperative that a person who writes your paper be a professional in what he or she does. No high-school freelancers or barely English-fluent speakers should be allowed to work for such companies since it jeopardizes the customer’s grade, or sometimes even the client’s future.


Whenever you are in trouble or if there is a misunderstanding of some kind, it is always better to be safe than sorry. We assess the professionalism of trained support agents testing them with stupid questions, unclear demands, and constant calls among other irritating things to see how qualified their attitude and reaction are. You will need to consider this factor to be sure that you will be treated promptly and with respect.

What’s in it for you

It is our honor to provide you with the most reliable information about essay writing services you can encounter on the Internet. Paying attention to Paidpaper.net updates, you are not likely to be scammed. You will know who can be trusted and who cannot, where is the best quality of writing, where you can save your money making use of a promotional offer. Besides, it is our duty to keep you alert and urge you to proceed with caution when ordering papers online, so we provide you with all the information you need to make a responsible decision.