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  Autobiographical essay – it’s just an essay about the experiences. Nevertheless, writing an essay is not so easy. This can be your homework, application for college or a job position. Whatever the reason, there are several key concepts and strategies that you should not forget about in the writing process. Read on and you […]

Simple Tips For Writing an ACT Essay It may feel like writing is a very hard thing that is not easy to everyone, but only lazy people say it. Just spend a few minutes and read our guide; we guarantee that after reading you’ll be able to write your own essay, and impress others with […]

Whether you are a high school freshman, a college sophomore or a university senior at some point of your studying you are required to write essays. Apart from questions what to write about and how to do it, every student wonders how long it takes to write a good essay. In this article we will […]

You are a student and you were given a task to write an autobiography essay. At first sight, it seems that it is the easiest task to do. Who knows you better than yourself? You take a pen and start writing. And here comes the problem, you don’t know how to organize all your thoughts […]

Before starting to write it is crucial to have an idea what an argumentative essay is. This is a literary work a coherent text, written on a controversial topic. In other words, this essay defends a certain idea, about which it is possible to bring arguments “for” and “against.” Objectives of the argumentative essay lie […]

Underline? Quotation marks? Punctuation? Something else? What is the proper solution for writing title of a book in an essay? Does it really exist? And what rule should we stick to? We’re going to answer these and many more questions in the following article. So, make yourself comfortable and keep reading! Proper Ways to Write […]

Not every student is aware of this little secret… A good essay is a good structure. It doesn’t matter how many sentences, words, letters, or epithets do you use. The responsibility for the quality of your essay lies with its structure only. To define the right structure, organization, and style for your future writing means […]

Writing an essay demand high concentration and a lot of time. Although, what it really needs is a good time-managing campaign. People who know how to cope with their time are able of completing any job much faster. Let us look at a regular essay and main stages of its creating: Preparation For instance, there […]

In the era of modern technologies, analytical reports are basic paper works at any study or scientific work. Each research demand thorough investigation, detailed analysis and a proper report to inform the audience on its results. What does one need to start working on it? Starting researches or papers is impossible without good analytical report […]

If you feel completely at sea when writing an essay, we assure you, you are not alone. Not everybody is a writer at heart. In fact, only some people have that inborn eloquence, strong vocabulary and ability to express thoughts and feelings in a way that would carry away readers. Not to worry! The majority […]