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How To Write an ACT Essay: Useful Tips

Simple Tips For Writing an ACT Essay

It may feel like writing is a very hard thing that is not easy to everyone, but only lazy people say it. Just spend a few minutes and read our guide; we guarantee that after reading you’ll be able to write your own essay, and impress others with your writing.

Start From Structure

Each and every essay must be written using next 5 elements:

  1. Introduction – here you have to impress the readers with a good beginning of your work. So, grab their attention with a hook. In the introduction you have to restate the first point view and opposition, and state your thesis.
  2. Thesis statement should be included in the introduction. Here you have to take a perspective and state it clearly. You may use the one of three perspectives that are given by the ACT, or to go with your own perspective.
  3. Discuss all three given perspectives in your work. Make sure you discussed all pros and cons, and explained which things you are agree with and which you don’t.
  4. Remember that you need to fill your essay with examples to provide a support against and for each perspective you write about. Keep in mind that you have to explain in your work how chosen examples support your point of view.
  5. Organize your work well. This means you shouldn’t mix things up. Just try to discuss each perspective in a separate paragraph. Your essay will be easier to read, and in addition, people will be able to follow your ideas in a simple way.
  6. Your essay should have a conclusion where you need to summarize ideas and finish your work logically.

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End With Proofreading

Never forget about editing, because your work should look professional not only in style, but also in grammar. Never try to edit the text you just wrote, because you may miss errors. Before editing, give yourself a little distraction from your writing, do something else or go for a walk. This will keep your brain fresh and you won’t miss any logical or grammar mistake. You can use different vocabularies and grammar books. Nowadays, there are tons of good software for checking writing errors. Of course, it’s very simple to use online programs to check your grammar and spelling, but don’t forget to proofread the whole work to ensure everything is perfect. If it’s hard for you to see mistakes, try to read your work aloud and record it. Then listen to the record and notice which places you’d like to change. As you can see, not only your eyes are able to correct errors, but ears too.

But maybe writing an essay still seem a very complicated thing for you, especially if you’ve never did it before, and you start to think that it would be better to pay for papers to someone so they would do the job instead of you? If you are struggling with writing, it’s good to use reliable online thesis writing services such as our website, where you can easily order any essay you need.

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