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How To Write An Argumentative Essay Step By Step

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Before starting to write it is crucial to have an idea what an argumentative essay is. This is a literary work a coherent text, written on a controversial topic. In other words, this essay defends a certain idea, about which it is possible to bring arguments “for” and “against.”

Objectives of the argumentative essay lie in convincing the audience in a certain point of view which you consider correct and in persuading the reader to accept your viewpoint. This should be done by clearly and persuasively formulating why this position is preferable, and not the other one.

The author, during the writing of the essay, conducts a kind of internal dialogue (evaluates statements, proofs and support, assumptions, hidden arguments and internal contradictions) and comes to the fact that one point of view becomes much more preferable than others, even though the rest of the people can disagree with that viewpoint from the start.

Argumentative essays address various topics: from socio-political to personal. The main thing is that there are at least two reasonable points of view on this topic.

An argumentative essay is one of the hardest forms of essay writing that is why students often have trouble writing it and have to buy a college essay. Unfortunately, not every student can allow himself buy a college essay that is why in this article we will give you step by step tips on how to write a successful literary piece.

Steps On Writing An Argumentative Essay

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  • Before writing about anything you need to start by researching the subject matter. Do some secondary research find out what other people have approached this problem.
  • Determine what information to include, who to refer to, how to interpret the facts, and what methodology to choose.
  • Choose your viewpoint.
  • Start brainstorming. Write down everything that comes into your mind every idea, word, and sentence. Try to organize everything you came up with.
  • Organize the main points of the plan into sections in a logical order. Note: An argumentative essay has four parts: introduction, presentation of the thesis, expectation of objection and conclusion.
  • Make a plan of what points you are going to touch in each section.
  • Almost all good essays should begin with a convincing and persuasive strong introduction. In the introduction, you can outline a number of arguments you are going to open up in the body of the essay.
  • Write down your ideas. Do not forget to pay attention to the plan. Make sure that the sections are clearly outlined and include all the information you were about to provide your point.
  • Bring your thoughts into a convincing and strong ending. Do not repeat what has been said. On the basis of arguments, demonstrate the hidden meaning of the essay, and complete the essay with a memorable phrase.
  • Proofread and if needed edit your essay! Errors in spelling, grammar and vocabulary should all be corrected.

Remember that a putting in a little time and effort will enable you to write an amazing and strong argumentative essay. Yet if you don’t have the time or are busy with your other important studies and have some extra money to spend then you can always buy a college essay or essay coupons.