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How to Write an Evaluation Essay. Secret Tips And Tricks

Not every student is aware of this little secret… A good essay is a good structure. It doesn’t matter how many sentences, words, letters, or epithets do you use. The responsibility for the quality of your essay lies with its structure only. To define the right structure, organization, and style for your future writing means to hold the keys.

If you are ranting and raving, trying to find the answer only for one question “How to write my essay now? ”, you are definitely at the right place at the right time. Today we’re going to discuss the principles and secrets of writing an evaluation paper. So, sit back and let’s start.

Evaluation Essay

Evaluation Essay: Definition, Style, and Structure

Firstly, let us explain what actually the evaluation essays are. The evaluation essay is a special type of writing, the main aim of which is a demonstration and reviewing the level of quality, that particular products or services have. It presents an independent and objective value judgment based on certain criteria. The main opinion, expressed in such essays can be either serious or sarcastic. This is one of those writings, which do not afraid of good satire and sarcasm.

The structure of the evaluation essay is very simple and difficult at the same time. It consists of 3 parts: judgment (an overall opinion), criteria (the expected results), and evidence (something to support the judgment). The evidence part is the crucial one. This means you cannot disseminate your ideas without the appropriate evidence. The arguments like “I just think so. Because I said so.” don’t apply here. You need specific reasons to support your ideas and judgments. You have to explain how you’ve reached a concrete opinion.

Each paragraph of the evaluation paper holds one criterion, followed by explanations and examples. That’s why you can’t stick only to one single judgment and evidence through the whole text. The more examples the better paper will be.

As any other paper, the evaluation essay should start with an introduction. Then go some background information, criterion, and finally a conclusion. Through the paper, you have to state your position clearly and concisely. All evidence should be relevant and convincing. And don’t repeat the same examples for several times. Explain what your criteria are based on – research, data, etc. Try to find the new ones. But always make clear which of them you find most convincing. Remember about comparing and contrasting.

To make a long story short, the assessment directly depends on the criteria. For example, if most of the criteria are fulfilled, the final estimation should be positive. And vice versa.

how to Evaluation Essay

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