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There are numerous essay writing services these days, and people in need of these services often find it hard to choose from so many options. The overwhelming majority of the customers are students, who are willing to pay for getting their academic papers written.

To earn more customers, essay writing services are investing in the advertisement. And they are reaping benefits of their efforts. Essay writing services are in high demand. But if you are a student who needs these services, the overwhelming number of services that provide custom essay papers may confuse you.  In this post, we will try to help you make an informed decision.

What are custom essay writing services?

Online freelancing has become highly popular in recent years, and many freelancers provide writing services. If you read some custom essay writing reviews, you will find that many of these writers work for online writing services. These companies provide essays, term papers, dissertations and other papers. You can buy custom essays without any complexity.

These services are intended not only for professionals but also for students. If you are a student, you can easily hire a freelance writer to write an essay for you. If you provide clear instructions, the writer will write a coherent essay for you.

If you read some custom essay writing reviews, you will be able to choose a good service provider. These services are cheap and fast. You can receive an essay even within a few hours.

Pros and cons of using custom essay writing services

There are both advantages and disadvantages of hiring custom essay writers and use custom essay writings. In his section, we will focus on both the advantages and disadvantages of these services. First, let’s look at the advantages.


Affordability is the main reason why so many students are in love with these services. If you read some custom college essays reviews, you will find that there are plenty of other benefits of using these services. Here are a few of them:

  1. The services are affordable. For a high-quality custom essay, you do not have to pay much. It allows you to save some money, which is very important for students. You can channel the money to other activities such as acquiring project materials and paying for your dorms.

Different writing services offer different types of content, but quality does not vary a lot. That is why wise customers choose cheap companies. When it comes to the effectiveness of a custom essay writing company, testimonials and reviews are the yardsticks.

If you are looking for a good company, read the testimonials provided by the previous clients.

  1. You deal with experts. When you need an essay within a short time, you do not need to worry, because you are dealing with experts. You can expect good service. There are many custom essay writers who are willing to help students with their academic papers.

You just have to make sure that you are hiring the right person. You will receive high-quality papers if your writer has expertise in a particular field.

  1. You have many options to choose from. Although many companies charge excessively, those companies are not necessarily the best. These companies just sell their names. This is simply exploitation.

You should not pay a company exorbitant fees only because the company has a good reputation. Some other companies, to make the custom essays cheap, compromise the quality. Before choosing a company, you should do your own research. Luckily, there are numerous companies to choose from.

If you do some research, you will be able to choose a good company and hire a writer who can get the job done.


But there are clearly some disadvantages of using a custom essay paper writing service. Many students do not like the idea of using these services because they feel using these services is not morally justifiable. However, that is a matter of debate. Below we are going to mention a couple of disadvantages of using these services.

  1. There are many false companies. Many online writing companies are trying to make money in illegal ways. There are even some services that start writing the paper without understanding the needs of the students.

This copy-paste material can be very disadvantageous for a student. If you submit plagiarized content, you will be penalized. To avoid this, you must do some research and find a company that can get the job done.

  1. Many non-native speakers work as writers. If you choose a cheap writing service, the chances are that you will end up hiring a writer whose first language is not English. In most cases, you can not expect a flawless essay from a non-native speaker. That is why you should be very careful when you are picking writing service.

Comparison table of different essay writing services

Names of services Price starts (per page) Deadline – Minimum (hours) Work quality – from A to D Writers’ quality – from A to D Support –  from A to D Delivery – from A to D Usability – from A to D Money back – Yes/No
GrabMyEssay.com $14.99 6 A A A A A Yes
TopEssayWriting.org $12.99 6 A A B A B Yes
PremierEssay.com $12.99 3 A B A B A Yes
EssayThinker.com $12.99 3 B A A A B Yes
EssaySupply.com 13.40 24 A A B B A Yes
BestEssay.Education $12.99 3 A B A B A No
EssayRepublic.net $12.99 3 A A B A B Yes
TrustMyPaper.com $12.99 3 B B A A A Yes
SmartCustomWriting.com $12.99 3 A B A B A Yes
PapersOwl.com $20 4 A A B A A Yes
EssayVikings.com $18 24 B B A B B No
Study Moose $13.90 4 A A B B A Yes
EduBirdie.com $18 3 A A A B B Yes
GradeMiners.com $11.9 3 A B A A B Yes
PayForEssay.com $11.8 6 A A B B A Yes
MasterPapers.com $11 3 A A B A B Yes
Papernow.com $10.9 3 A A B B A Yes
SameDayEssay.com $11.5 3 A A B A A Yes
College-Paper.org $20.99 3 A A B B A No
EssayOnTime.com $22.99 3 B A A A B Yes

Why hire a custom essay writing service

If you are a student, you will have to write essays for your academic purposes. No matter what your course is, writing essays is an integral part of your course. If you are super busy with other things, you will find it hard to focus on writing your academic papers.

Students all over the world use professional custom essay writing services for many reasons. There are numerous benefits of hiring custom essays writing services. Here are some of the main benefits:

Reference to reliable sources

If you hire a writer from a custom writing essay service, you can expect the writer to refer to reliable sources in the essay. By using updated information, the writer will make the essay more relevant. When a professional writer makes citations, he or she tries to stick to the appropriate style.

If you decide to write the essay by yourself, you may not have enough time to do the research. But if you buy a custom essay online, you can save your time. Choose the best custom essay site, and you will not have to worry about these things.

Plagiarism-free work

To make sure that the essay is free from plagiarism, professional writers use reliable sources of information. Before starting to write an essay, they will understand your needs. They will communication throughout the process to make sure that the work is consistent with your expectations.

There are many plagiarism checking apps, and professional writers know how to use those apps. If you read some custom essays reviews, you will be able to find a service that will provide you with plagiarism-free work.

Efficient time management

You need a lot of time to write an essay from scratch. If you are a student and you are busy with other tasks, you will find it hard to focus on writing your academic essay. Customized essay writing services can help you manage your time effectively by doing all the research work and writing the essay for you. If you read some custom essay reviews, you will be able to choose a good writing service.

It allows you to focus on other tasks that really matter to you. You can be more productive, because you are doing what is important for you, rather than mechanically writing research papers.  You can do something different only when you can ignore the conventional educational system and do what you really need to do.

It helps you expand your ideas

Not all people can write professionally. Many people are able to comprehend difficult ideas, but they fail when it comes to expressing those ideas. Writing is just like other skills, and you need to master this skill with practice.

This is one of the most common reasons why so many people are now using these services. If you can choose a professional custom essay writing service, you will receive help in multiple ways. Besides providing you with the essay, the writers will help you expand your ideas.

Even the best custom essay writing services are affordable

Students can use top custom essay services mainly because of the affordability factor. Just for a few dollars, you can receive a high-quality essay. Since students are the main target audience, custom essay writing sites always try to keep the prices within the bounds. Whether you are financially solvent or insolvent, you can afford even the best custom essay website.

How to choose the best essay writing service

Essay writing services have helped students in many ways. For students, these services have made life a lot easier. When students did not have access to essay writing services, they had to spend sleepless nights. Now, these services allow students to focus on the important tasks that really matter to them. You can rely on the writer for writing a custom essay.

If you can hire a talented writer, you can be sure that your essay will be submitted within the deadline. Yes, some people are sceptical about writing services in general, but the fact is, custom essay services can be necessary for some situations. Here are some good ways to choose the best custom essay writing service:

Learn more about the writers

The most important thing is to know whether the writers are qualified. Cheap custom essay writing services usually do not have highly qualified native English writers. If you want a high-quality essay, you must choose a good writer.

Before you hire a writer, you must ask the company what qualifications their writers have. Take this matter seriously, because the quality of the essay will directly depend on the quality of the writer.

Make sure the essay is plagiarism-free

If you read some custom essay writing service reviews, you will find that all the companies promise to offer 100% original content. In reality, only the best custom essay writing services offer plagiarism-free content. To know whether a particular company keeps the promise, you must read some custom essay writing reviews and notice what the other customers have written. Customer reviews will give you a clear idea about the company.

Look for specialization

If you read the reviews of custom essays services, you will find that many companies have writers who write on any topic. If you end up hiring such a writer, you may not receive the best custom essay for your assignment. Rather, choose writers who specialize in particular subjects.

You can expect high-quality term papers, research papers and dissertations only when you hire writers who specialize in particular areas.  Before hiring a writer, you must learn whether the writer understands your requirements.

Check prices and quality

Yes, it is important to consider prices, but you should not base your decision only on this factor. There are many custom essays services that charge less but provide low quality custom essays.

Before you hire a writer from a custom essay writing service, make sure you are not wasting your money. The prices should be consistent with the quality of the service.

Make sure the company is reputable

Before you purchase custom essays online, make sure the company is one of the best custom essay writing services. The company should be able to meet deadlines. Do they take rush orders? If you need custom writing essays within 3-6 hours, is the company able to deliver it?

Make sure that the company has a track record of meeting deadlines. If you want a high-quality paper, you must choose a company that is professional.

Make sure they communicate well

If you choose a custom essays service that does communicate well, you will face many problems. When it comes to choosing a writing service, you should always pay particular attention to this aspect. The line of communication should be clear.

What is the best custom essay writing service? While it is not easy to answer this question, we can certainly say that the best company is the one that is always in contact with the customers. Make sure the service has instant messaging or live chat that allows you to communicate 24/7.

Free revisions

If you read some custom essays reviews, you will find that different companies have different revision policies. Before choosing a professional custom essay writing service, make sure the company offers free revisions.

In case you do not like the essay, the company should be willing to revise it. This is one of the most important things to remember when looking for the best custom essay site. Most companies provide cheap custom essay papers and offer free revisions.

How to make orders

No matter which custom essay writing service you choose, you will have to make orders. Almost all companies have the same ordering process. You will find the process very easy, even if you have never ordered custom essays online. Below we are going to show you a general ordering procedure.

Click “Order Now”

All writing services have this option. To order custom essays online, you have to click on this option. To fill the order form, you will have to provide your title/topic and your level of study. Some companies may ask you to provide some other information. It will help them focus on essay custom writing.

Give the instructions

It is also important to provide the order description when you order custom essays. Whether you order a cheap custom essay or an expensive one, you should provide clear instructions. No matter which custom essay papers writing service you choose, provide detailed instructions. Try to provide many details so that the writer understands really what you want.

Send documents via E-mail

If you need to send documents to your writer, you can send them via E-mail. After receiving the documents, your writer will send a confirmation message. Custom essay writers have to understand the requirements.

If you want your writer to analyze data, you must provide the data. And if your writer has to use secondary data, you must confirm the availability of the data.

Make the payment

The best custom essay writing services will ask you to make payments before the task is assigned to a writer. If you are a return customer, you may get some discount. You will know about the discount options by reading some custom essays reviews.

Most quality custom essay providers use the PayPal platform for receiving payments. Most essay writing services provide payment confirmation after receiving payments.

Request for a draft

To make sure that you get a high-quality essay, you should request a draft before the due date. The best custom essay services providing quality custom essays offer this service. It allows you to review the progress of the work before you receive the final draft.


There is no doubt that your professor will not give you permission to get others to do your writing. But, in reality, sometimes writing services can be necessary for you. So you may see it in a different way. Quality custom essays can make your life a lot easier. Read some custom essay service reviews before making a decision.

Yes, these services can lead to some problems in the classroom. The students get less chance to improve because they do not write their own essays. Some say that it is a form of cheating. You should also note the fact that all freelance writers do not have the same ability. There are many writers who write low-quality papers.

But a custom writing essay service also does a lot of good things, and that is why these services should not be banned. The pros of freelance writing services outweigh the cons.

If you look deeply into the issue, you will find that the real problem is not essay writing services; the problem lies in something else. Modern curricula are formed in such a way that students have to write many pointless academic papers.

The syllabuses are so overwhelming that many students have to pay professional writers to get their academic papers written. If an academic paper is poorly written, no one takes it seriously. In some fields such as literature and language, good writing is of utmost importance.

The modern curricula also demand a copious amount of writing from students. Students are told to write persuasively. But the fact is that students do not have enough time to gather data and use them in their writing.

For all these reasons, a custom essay company can be very helpful for a student. These companies are trying to make custom essay writing services cheap because they are highly in demand.