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Feeling Daunted by another Essay? Follow our Tips to Write Better

If you feel completely at sea when writing an essay, we assure you, you are not alone. Not everybody is a writer at heart. In fact, only some people have that inborn eloquence, strong vocabulary and ability to express thoughts and feelings in a way that would carry away readers.

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Not to worry! The majority of professional writers agree that rather than being an innate gift, writing is a skill. That means it can be improved with practice. As long as you have motivation and time, you can learn how to write decently. If you are short of time and your essay was due yesterday, you can take it from custom essay writing services. But if you have time on your hands and would like to improve your writing from mediocre to good, it is doable. In this article we will provide some useful tips on how to write essays.

The first thing to take into consideration is a topic of your paper. If it has been given by your teacher, try to analyse what is required from you and whether you are expected to write a general overview or provide analysis of something. What thoughts come to your mind when you consider the issue? It is better to write them down with bullet points and then develop those ideas on the paper. In case you can pick a topic yourself, choose the one that most interests you. It is always better to write about something you have experience in or something that you are concerned about. Just the same, write down the main ideas that come to your head. Later on you will develop them in separate paragraphs by logically connecting in your piece of writing.

The next important thing is to remember that any paper consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In an introduction you have to create a context for your topic and present your main argument. It is also called a thesis statement. Apart from the main argument, try to use some literary device to grab your readers’ attention. It could be a famous quote, dialogue, a flashback to your earlier experience. Remember that a thesis statement must be the last sentence of your introduction, i.e. a link between the introduction and the man body. In a body you have to underpin your main idea given in the introduction. Use the thoughts you previously have written down using the bullet points. Explain, give facts and clarify your argument(s). The main body is the largest part of any essay and consists of a few paragraphs. Express all of the ideas you have related to the subject of your essay. In conclusion you have to sum up your overall ideas. It usually consists of a few sentences. Reinforce your thesis by reviewing the main arguments of your essay.

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Once you have written your essay, go through it with a fine comb. Check grammar and spelling. It is important to submit an error-free paper. Make sure your thoughts are presented logically, sentences are concise and clear. Avoid repetition of words and ideas. Try to change everyday words for more sophisticated synonyms, keeping the tome relevant to the general style of your paper. Check if you have complied with the instructions set by your school and if the format is suitable. Finally, read your paper one more time to see if it is smooth and logical.

It might take some time before you write a good essay but remember that practice makes a master. One day you will learn how to write a good essay fast and with little effort.