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Paidpaper.net has decide to make a review of Edusson.com – the web site of essay writing services that is # 1 in our online rating service. We are going to provide you with detailed information about what is so good about this web site that makes it # 1, winning well known EduBirdie.com. The review is based upon many aspects and advantages of the web site. Take some time to read it to evaluate what a great too Edusson.com can be when writing essays, academic papers and articles. As we all know how difficult essay writing can be. We approach it very differently depending on the discipline and the deadlines. It can be fundamentally and structurally different task that needs individual approaches, skills, and solutions. Today, we are going to look what approaches does Edusson.com use to write those first-class essays, research papers, and articles.
Design and navigationThe importance of web design and comprehensive navigation is underestimated by many companies. Design of the web site is the first impression the user gets about the web site and the quality of the services that particular company provides. User friendly web sites attract more users than those that have complicated navigation and unappealing design. Statistics shows that 35% of users will not continue to work with such web sites.Edusson.com wins in this respect as it is a user-friendly web site. The web site is well-organized and has quite comprehensive navigation system.

  • Design. The company has chosen the right concept – a simple design. This is exactly what makes it user- friendly and attractive as customers do not get lost in the menu. Another good aspect of the web site is the right choice of colours. The design is made in restrained blue and white colours because glaring colours usually have a repelling effect. com looks elegant and calm, which means that the company is serious not only about the quality of work but also about its image. That is a huge plus.
  • Homepage and content. Specialists consider that one of the most important measures of a good homepage is the fact that visitors can tell at first glance what the company does. A short phrase displayed on the homepage tells all about Edusson.com. The one problem Edusson team has not taken into consideration is that the list of all subjects and fields is hidden from the customers. To look through the whole list of subjects, you have to go to the order page, which is not quite convenient. In all other aspects, Edusson did a pretty good job.
eduson1As far as the content is concerned, the most important information is provided in several sections. Information is presented in short and concise form. The user can easily find what he/she needs as there are no confusing elements of the content around the web site.

  • Navigation. The web site has explanations regarding all important issues, and yet, it does not contain unnecessary information that would only distract attention. The main menu of Edusson.com is located at the upper right corner as well as in the lower left corner. It includes sections dedicated to specific issues. Privacy Policy section is dedicated to explanation of how client’s personal information is used, its disclosure, changes to the policy, etc. For Affiliates section includes information about prospective cooperation. If you need to know details about how the service actually works or who write academic papers, you need to check FAQ It provides information to various questions potential clients usually have. Here you can find the most typical questions most customers have. Being on Edusson order page you can scroll through the list of all paper types and subjects the company is working with. Here you can provide the number of pages and immediately look how many words it will include. That is very good as most students don’t realize what exactly 5 or 8 pages mean. The number of words gives a clear understanding how long your essay or research paper will be.
  • Mobile friendly. The demand to access websites through mobile devices is increasing. Nowadays Internet users prefer to use services that provide access from both computers and mobile devices. Unlike other similar services Edusson.com provides easy access from any mobile devices. The mobile version is equally easy to use and quite concise. This is one of the main advantages of Edusson as a professional team. Small details like mobile website customization highlight that the company is serious about its work and takes care of the customers.
  • No advertising on the web site. It is worth noting that Edusson.com does not have advertising on its web site. Research shows that a great number of users are annoyed by constantly popping up ads and simply switch to using other web sites. Edusson.com allows you to fully concentrate on the company’s services, without a feeling that the company is trying to sell some unnecessary stuff through a web ad. No annoying ads! On Edusson.com you will not meet one of those 4000+ loud, flashing, and colored ad blocks we see every day while using the Internet.
  • One more interesting option on Edusson.com is free essay checking. What does it mean? Each student can enter Edusson website to check his or her already written paper via Edusson online checker. Copy and paste your writing, provide an email address, and get the results immediately. What else does Edusson.com have for its clients? You can get unique services of plagiarism checking, readability level checking, and double checking of your content. Each customer who makes an order on Edusson.com can always ask for double checking if he or she is not satisfied with the final results. Just inform the writer you’re working with.

Placing online order

When using this online writing service for the first time, a potential client has no problems with understanding how to place order. The homepage has a comprehensive menu with specific categories of writing where customer can choose the most suitable category. It is possible to order not only essay, academic paper, but also presentation or speech, case study or creative writing. Once the required category is chosen, customer needs to write short description of the assignment and indicate his/her contact details for writers who place bids. Unlike other essay writing services, on Edusson.com customer can choose the writer based on writer’s previously completed tasks.

Here you can select one of the numerous subjects Edusson works with. And we are quite serious when saying that the number of available subjects is huge. For example, accounting, advertising, American history, architecture, astronomy, aviation, business, dance, e-commerce, painting, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, sport, technology, theatre, tourism, web design, etc. It is quite difficult to find a subject which Edusson.com doesn’t work with. The company has a selection of fields and topics for the students of any university or degree.

When customer receives completed work, he/she needs to check it and, if necessary, ask for revisions and changes, which are made absolutely for free. Once the task is fully completed, you pay.

It is important to note that potential customer is offered to place an order absolutely for free. There are no requirements to make full payments before the works if sully completed. Thus, you can try by yourself and judge by the work what Edusson.com is before making the final decision whether to work with its team of writers and editors in the future or not. It is definitely a good gesture from the company towards its potential customers.

Qualified writers

Need to write a good essay but have no time? No problem. The Internet offers you a huge variety of online services that will do this task instead of you for a small price. But how to make sure that the quality of the fulfilled work will correspond to the school/college/ university requirements?

Edusson.com has a database of reliable writers. All writers undergo selection considering their professionalism and credibility. Edusson.com doesn’t work with the writers and editors who don’t correspond the philosophy of the company. The Edusson team ensures that all writers are qualitative enough to work in a certain field and with a certain degree. Thus, a customer can be confident that his/her assignment will be fulfilled by a professional. Writers complete their tasks in time and send well-written and grammatically correct texts. Each text is proofread and carefully checked before being sent to client. Edusson.com uses desktop programs to check all finished works, whether they are grammatically correct. Each writing is checked via special plagiarism programs to eliminate any possibility of your work being copied or rewritten. However, Edusson provides rewriting as a separate service. Thus, you can order writing from scratch with editing included or just rewriting of already existed work. Everything is up to you. Of course, the prices are going to be slightly different too. Edusson doesn’t concern about the degree or level of knowledge a particular student has. The company and the team of writers and editors work with all degrees, educational institutions, countries, and cities. So, it doesn’t matter for a team if you’re a student of a college or a university. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Australia or in Italy. The company claims that all students are equal and deserve for qualitative support from professional authors and editors. That’s why it has writing services for almost any existed discipline and any existed degree. The company also considers that there are no impossible tasks. So, they accept orders even with the tightest deadlines, students have (from a couple of hours to a couple of months).

  • Edusson guarantees 100% privacy and security to each and every customer. Clients can be confident that they will not be revealed to any third party and their personal information will be held in the strictest confidence. Edusson owns only that kind of information you want to provide by yourself when making an order. Of course, some basic information is obligatory to make your cooperation with Edusson team a lot easier. Any personal data provided to Edusson company will be used only to deliver customized content or any kind of advertising information, which can be interesting and useful for the particular customer. Edusson.com guarantees that your personal information or information about your order will not be disclosed or transferred to any third party. If you have any additional questions or concerns about Edusson security program, apply to the support team to get all explanations and recommendations absolutely for free.


High – quality work

Edusson.com complies with academic standards and does not violate any rules established by educational institutions. The service is completely legal, and the customer can be confident that he/she will receive properly written essay or academic paper. Edusson.com eliminates possibility of any kind of plagiarism. Writers are aware of the strict rule that academic writing must not contain any plagiarism and for this reason all works are checked with the help of special software.

The Edusson team understands what a qualitative academic writing is explaining it through the following steps. They begin their work by providing a clear answer to one and the only question «What is the essay asking you». This is the key and the secret to creating a qualitative content. Edusson.com never starts working on a new project if the writers don’t clearly understand how to combine the expectations of a student and his/her teacher. To write a good content they have to realize what to look at to find the information. That is the best possible approach, as the team doesn’t allow the essay or any kind of academic writing to drive it into the corner in the middle of the writing process.

Edusson allows their customers to be a part of the writing process too. The writers encourage every client to dip into the creative process and to get the basic understanding what an academic paper is and what essential parts it contains. As it is important for every student to have the basic knowledge of introduction, conclusion, a set of paragraphs, etc. If it is needed, the team of Edusson.com can break down each piece of your writing, providing explanations and making it so much easier for you to understand. The company’s policy is aimed at making all the students calm, but not panic when it comes to writing a big piece of information. Edusson looks at different points of your task trying to find the optimal solution.

Edusson.com is always open to your questions. Being a client of a company, you can ask questions and make changes in your future work during the whole process of writing. Writers and editors are open to discussions and your own propositions. Edusson considers students’ anticipation in the writing process to be a huge plus, which can positively influence the final results.

Also, Edusson.com provides a critical thinking to each and every order. What does it mean? As critical thinking is a skill, which has to be developed and adapted over some time. The Edusson team claims that a lot of students simply don’t understand that critical thinking is not about criticising. It is the ability to clearly see which data is reliable and trustworthy, which one is unreliable data, and so on. That’s why it is very important for students to apply firstly to professionals to provide them with a clear understanding of how to learn to distinguish these things. Critical thinking is extremely difficult to understand for those who have never written the research papers and essays. But without it, any work can’t be considered to be pretty good. That’s why Edusson.com insists on working with professional writers in order to achieve the best possible results. As very often it is extremely difficult for a student to be objective about his or her own projects and writings. Most students are either too subjective or too objective, not being able to find the balance to analyze their work correctly.

To check the quality and the style of writing by Edusson.com, read the example of works provided on the official website of the company. Here, Edusson team provides a set of different writings, which are the topics of the week or the papers with the best score. Edusson.com also allows you to choose the examples by the essay type or by the essay popularity. You can check the works on advertising, art, biology, business, architecture, etc.

Efficient for both – writer and customer

Edusson.com is service beneficial for customers, who lack time to complete assignments on their own, and people who have enough writing skills as they can become writers of Edusson and earn money in such a way. If you want to become a writer, you are offered to send your project to Edusson.com via e-mail. As a matter of fact, Edusson.com has a menu and navigation developed specifically for writers. For Writers option is available in menu, and by clicking it, you get to the page developed for writers’ convenience.

But if you’re a student who doesn’t have enough time on writing a qualitative content, go directly to the «Order» bar to set an order or to «Live Chat» if you have some questions. Edusson.com will gladly answer all your questions, providing qualitative instructions on how to navigate on the website and to choose the author who will meet your requirements the most. Edusson also provides qualitative editing services for those, who are not sure in their critical thinking skills and want to get an objective mark before a teacher or a professor will give it to them. As it is better to get a professional proofreading in advance to be able to make some improvements in your work if it is needed. You can get more information about this service directly on Edusson.com.

Edusson.com is open to discussions and ready for improvements. Each customer can leave a feedback on the website or can read the reviews provided by other customers.



Good online services always provide customer support on their web sites. If a potential customer has questions or needs help, he/she can easily contact Customer Support by filling out a form or writing to a live chat. Edusson.com encourages their customers to write the requests if any questions appear.

On the website, you can use a Live Chat service to contact the managers of the company and to get all answers to the questions you have immediately. Live Chat works perfectly. You don’t need to log in or provide any personal information to use a Live Chat service. As soon as you write a message, Edusson appoints a manager to answer any of your questions. We have checked how long does it take for Edusson managers to answer a request. To tell you the truth, the answer was provided within a few seconds, which is a great result for such a big company.

Edusson.com support service works 24/7 all year round, which is convenient for those students who live abroad. As Edusson works worldwide. The students from Ireland, USA, Ukraine, Spain, France as well as Australia can order Edusson services online.

You can also contact the company via e-mail addresses provided on the website. One email is for the customers, and the other one is for the writers.

The company also provides three different local Edusson websites for three different regions – UK, Australia, and USA. One more pleasant bonus from Edusson.com is for those who have iPhones. As you can download the official Edusson app directly from the App Store. You can navigate to it directly from the website.

Edusson has official accounts on popular social media services – Facebook and Twitter. So, follow Edusson accounts there and be the first to know about discounts and bonuses provided by the company. Or create your personal account directly on Edusson.com. You can register via your Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts too.

eduson3PaymentEdusson.com accepts PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, and Visa, which are the most convenient payment methods for most customers. So, don’t panic if you live abroad and don’t know how to send money for your order. Payment services, which Edusson.com works with are available in every country. Using online paying methods is one of the factors, which guarantees complete anonymity and privacy by Edusson.com.